Profile of Phase II Market Introduce
Profile of Phase II Market

Profile of Phase II Market: the Phase II Market of Junfa · New Luosiwan International Trade City with a main market of 2 million square meter opened on December 28, 2010. There are 10 trading areas (Areas 8-17) and 5 floors. The second phase of the main market forms a special themed shopping center such as the International Digital Culture City, the Tourist Shopping Center, the Hotel Supplies City and the International Fashion Center, and the diversified commercial formats such as the Comprehensive Trade Center, the Factory Direct-Selling Center, and the Famous Brand Shopping Street. It brings together millions of commodities in more than 20 categories and nearly 2,000 varieties, including household appliances, mobile phones and communications, watches and glasses, jewelry and jade articles, folk and cultural products, Yunnan specialties, tea, flowers, hotel supplies, brand clothing, etc., for centralized display, exchange and trade. In order to improve the commercial quality of the whole business circle and realize the functional system, the business circle has been upgraded and transformed based on a branding, urbanized and internationalized strategy. A large number of supporting commercial facilities have been built, including 5A Grade Office Buildings, platinum five-star hotels, deluxe business club houses and boutique SOHO, and Phase II supporting storage parks, with a total construction area of about 900,000 square meters. 

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